2013 Media Film Festival

The 6th Annual Media Film Festival was held on April 5th and 6th, 2013.  Planning for the 2014 festival is underway — check back soon for more info.

Follow the links below for information on the 2013 fest.

2013 Media Film Festival Awards

Winners for the 2013 Media Film Festival were announced Saturday night, April 6th at the close of the festival.

Films are judged by a jury for two sets of prizes: the Jury Awards and the Allied Pixel Awards for local films. There are three prizes in each category.

The Jury Awards were given to:

  • JURY GOLD AWARD — The Naked Brand by Jeff Rosenblum and Sherng-Lee Huang
  • JURY SILVER AWARD — No Comment by Alexandra Naoum
  • JURY BRONZE AWARD — Gemalogia by Rick Limentani

The Allied Pixel prizes for locally produced films go to:

  • ALLIED PIXEL GOLD AWARD — Harvest by Reid Carrescia
  • ALLIED PIXEL SILVER AWARD — Irina by Michael Johnston
  • ALLIED PIXEL BRONZE AWARD — A Night With Nova by Kenneth Kraft

Audience Favorites

In addition, the festival provides ballots at each screening so the audience can pick their favorites. Here are the winners of the audience awards:

Friday Night:

  • 1st A Night With Nova
  • 2nd The Birdman
  • 3rd The Naked Brand


  • Foundations

Saturday Matinee:

  • 1st Family Means Love
  • 2nd His Take on Her
  • 3rd Owen’s Hobby

Saturday Night:

  • 1st Time out of Mind
  • 2nd Electro-Cute
  • 3rd Surviving Family

2013 Media Film Festival Schedule

7 PM  Friday April 5th, 2013

Imagine (5m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Distance (2m, USA) dir. by Sang Joon Kim
Birdman (11m, USA) dir. by Jessie Auritt
Irina (18m, USA) dir. by Michael Johnston
Victor (15m, United Kingdom) dir. by Alex Sergi
A Night With Nova (27m, USA) dir. by Kenneth Kraft
Living Canvas (5m, USA) Ronnie Cramer
Silent Wave (15m, USA) dir. by Sudeep Kanwal
The Naked Brand (60m, USA) dir by Sherng-Lee Huang, Jeff Rosenblum

Friday-Night Horror Fest 10:30 PM :

The Transmission (7m, USA) dir. by Brian Lonano
Foundations (16m, USA) dir. by Shane Pantellas
Shadow of the Unnamable (16m, Germany) dir. by Sascha Renninger
Minor Atrocities (17m, USA) dir. by Norman Macera
The Tell Tale Heart: Tales of Poe (30m, USA) dir. by Bart Mastronardi

Saturday April 6th, 2013, 3 PM:

Imagine (5m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Family Means Love (8m, USA) dir. by Jason Taylor
Owen’s Hobby (17m, USA) dir. by Zachary Burke
Quantum (17m, USA) dir. by Joseph Carlin
His Take On Her (33m, USA) dir. by John DeVault

Saturday April 6th, 2013, 7 PM :

Imagine (5m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Electro-Cute! (11m, USA) dir. by Taryn Hough
Harvest (14m, USA) dir. by Reid Carrescia
Copper Penny (6m, USA) dir. by Jay Pulk
Kingdom of Shadows (13m, USA) dir. by Kevin Corcoran
Time Out of Mind (15m, USA) dir. by Addie Manis
No Comment(4m, France) dir. by Alexandra Naoum
Gemalogia (12m, United Kingdom, Spain) dir. by Rick Limentani
Surviving Family (87m, USA) dir. by Laura Thies

2013 Media Film Festival Trailer


2013 Media Film Festival Films


Family Means Love

David Dadich

A worn-down mother and father develop a devious solution in dealing with their problem children.


Sudeep Kanwal Silent Wave


A man seeks redemption after a life altering incident tears his marriage apart.


Michael Johnson Irina


Struggling with the disastrous review of her latest play, an aging theater actress transforms her


apartment into her stage, her husband into her audience, and the dead bird on her balcony into


an allusion to Anton Chekhov.


John Devault His Take on Her


You’re a film director. Your poet/actress girlfriend appears suicidal. What do you do – shoot her?


Wilfred E. Keil Shadow of the Unnamable


New England in the late 1920s, two friends Randolph Carter and Joel Manton spend a sunny


autumn afternoon on an old 17th century cemetery. An argument arises, concerning the horror


stories written by Carter. One story draws Manton’s sarcasm: The Unnamable… Carter tells his


friend about the origin of that novel while darkness descends on the cemetery. Suddenly both of


them become part of the legend as well…


Taryn Hough Electro-Cute


Pandora gets more than she bargained for when she uses a new electronic device that promises


to ‘attract others towards her’. Electro-Cute is a part live action, part animated comedic short film.


Zachary Burke Owen’s Hobby


When a stalker witnesses the object of his affection being kidnapped, he is forced to take action


and rescue her.


Rick Limentani Gemalogia


Erick, a young gemologist, works for a bank that specializes in classifying diamonds, spending long


hours analyzing the imperfections of these precious stones, until one day he becomes incapable


of doing his job. He is fired for claiming to have found the perfect gem, an obviously flawed stone,


because he has fallen in love with a girl called Gemma, and has come to believe that imperfections


are what give character and make something special and unique.


Alexandra Naoum NO COMMENT


A girl makes two different unexpected encounters in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. In a


humoristic way No Comment deals with the thoughts of this young woman about men.


Addie Manis Time Out of Mind


Sarah is determined to handle her dying father’s end-of-life care on her own, but her resilience


and her grasp on reality break down as his physical and mental deterioration reaches disturbing


new levels.


Reid Carrescia Harvest


A world-weary farmhand encounters a supernatural event that causes him to question his outlook


and destiny.


Shane Pantellas Foundations


Three teenage boys attempt to flee from lives of child abuse, only to fall prey to a sadistic serial




Kevin Corcoran Kingdom of Shadows


A film researcher gains possession of a lost silent film, and becomes obsessed with the film’s longdead star.


Bart Mastronardi The Tell Tale Heart: Tales of Poe


The Tell Tale Heart: Tales of Poe is the first short in the new anthology based on Edgar Allan Poe


stories. The Tell Tale Heart is a new twist starring horror icon Debbie Rochon as the narrator


telling her story of how she is not mad for murdering the silent aging film star Peggy Lamar.


Jay Pulk Cooper Penny


After pulling a prostitute from the street, a desperate man’s surprising request for something


other than sex puts a twist in his already awkward situation.


James Hammond Victor


After losing many things dear to him, a young man breaks away from a monotonous life finding


happiness and companionship through Live Action Role Playing.


Mara Lesemann Surviving Family


You can’t escape the family tree.


Brian Lonano Transmission


While a storm rages outside and Henry drinks his bottle of absinthe, he receives a television


transmission…from his dead wife.


Joseph Carlin Quantum


A young research scientist enlists the aid of two of his colleagues in his latest study — a game of


calculated Russian roulette to put the theories of Quantum Suicide and multiple realities to the


test in the physical realm.


The Birdman


10:37 minutes


Director: Jessie Auritt


Writer: Jessie Auritt


Producer: Jessie Auritt




Music: Goodbye Kumiko, Jahzzar, Evgeny Grinko


Colorist: Bob Burges


Sound Editor: Zach McNees




This short documentary shows a unique profile of The Birdman, a


quirky old man who runs Rainbow Music, a cluttered music shop in


NYC. Despite the bad economy, online sales of music, and the changing


neighborhood which have affected his store, The Birdman carries on.


Minor Atrocities


19 minutes


Director: Norman Macera


Writer: Norman Macera


Executive Producer: David Von Roehm


Producer: Catherine Macera, Doug Johnson, Dennis Sigmund


Cast: Dennis Rowin, Norman Macera, Denise DeCenzo, Greg Kearns,


Matt Torres


Music: Charlie Rhodes




An insane maniac draws a friend into a diabolical scheme that ends in




Tagline: It’s not like they were killing anybody important.


The Naked Brand


60 minutes


Director: Jeff Rosenblum, Sherng-Lee Huang


Writer: Jeff Rosenblum, Jordan Berg, Sherng-Lee Huang


Producer: Jordan Berg, Joseph Dumont


Cast: Alex Bogusky, Tony Hsieh, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Plank, Yvon


Chouinard, Keith Weed, B. Bonin Bough


Music: Jacob Cooper, Anthony Robustelli, Russel Beach


Production Manager: Leeann Heeralall




The Naked Brand is a story about how corporations can help save the


planet one small step at a time. It’s an introduction to a bright new future


where companies tell the truth and work hard to create better products and


a better planet.