About MFF

Now in its 11th year, the Media Film Festival has gained a reputation as a vibrant forum for audiences and filmmakers alike. The 2018 Media Film Festival, scheduled for April 6th – 7th, will include short films from our community and around the world. The films will be shown at the iconic Media Theatre on State Street in the Borough of Media.

The Media Film Festival is a group of volunteers who spend the year soliciting, screening and scoring the ever increasing number of films we receive from around the world. By presenting a variety of short films – narrative, documentary, animation and experimental – the goal is to build a greater appreciation of artists and filmmakers within our community and beyond.

There is something unique about going to the movies. We come together in a darkened theater to feel the thrill of emotion and adventure that we have little access to in our normal lives. Independent films from a diverse group of filmmakers and cultures, like those we select for the Media Film Festival, remind us that whether we are watching an animated film from Iran or a comedy made in here in Delaware County, we share common ground as human beings.

“We are excited to be a forum for emerging filmmakers and to offer our community the chance to come together to see these unique films in HD and digital sound”  
Dave Scheivert, Media Film Festival

For information about becoming a Media Film Festival juror or volunteer please call (484) 431-6626.

What Filmmakers Say about Media Film Festival

“After numerous years attending the Media Film Festival, I have to say they keep raising the bar each year. Quality projects from around the world, you always see a top notch program. One of my favorite highlights is the warm community type feel you receive from not only the audience but the staff as well. It’s a gem on my list.”

— Jeff Bellantine
director, “Dancer”

“The Media Film Festival is a rare gem amongst film festivals. This annual event is not to be missed. It is well-run and features an appropriately eclectic mix of quality films. Year after year the arts-supporting town of Media pack the festival much to the delight of the independent filmmakers whose work is being presented.”

— Mark Kochanowicz
director, “Asphalt Heart”

“I loved screening “Surviving Family” at the Media Film Festival! They get great community support, which meant a big, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic crowd for my movie. I definitely recommend it.”

— Mara Lesemann
writer & producer, “Surviving Family”

“I had a wonderful experience at 2013 Media Film Festival. The festival staff did a great job organizing and promoting the event. I screened my movie to a packed house. More importantly, the sound and projection were excellent.”

— Michael Johnston
director, “Irinia”

“I have now attended the Media Film Festival twice, and it is easily one of my favorite festivals. The people in charge of the festival are so nice and do an amazing job running the event. So many times when you attend a festival you feel like you’re just another number, but the organizers of MFF do everything they can to make sure the filmmakers are having a good time. I also know that my film is going to look amazing on screen, the projectionist goes above and beyond to make sure that your movie looks the way it’s supposed to look. The screening at MFF was easily the best I have seen and heard my movie look out of a dozen festival screenings. The audience that attends MFF brings an energy that is indescribable. It’s always fun to show your work to an audience, and at MFF, you will have 60+ people to showcase your work to. I have met so many people at MFF, most of whom I have kept in contact with for years. Another perk with the festival is the town of Media. I always try to make a vacation out of MFF because there is just so much to do and see in the area. In general, it’s really hard to put into words what I like about the Media Film Festival, because they do everything right. A lot of festival could a learn a lot from them.”

— Taryn Hough
director, “Electro-Cute!”

 “My experience with the Media Film Festival has been nothing but great. I’ve been fortunate enough to showcase a number of films at the festival and my films have been shown to sold-out audiences with an enthusiastic crowd.

The festival staff have always been welcoming, professional and supportive of myself as well as other filmmakers that showcased there. The event itself offers a diverse lineup of films and I would have to say is one of the premier festivals in the area that you don’t want to miss!”

— Sean McKinight,
Cinema Alliance