2016 Media Film Festival

The 2016 Media Film Festival is planned for April 1st and 2nd with a line-up of 42 great films! This year’s Fest will be held in the historic Media Theatre building, 104 E. State Street, Media PA.

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You can purchase tickets at the door April 1st and 2nd — or purchase advance tickets online.

2016 Media Film Festival Schedule

7 PM  Friday April 1st, 2016

Welcome Home  (6m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Dream Big (12m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Animation Hotline (7m, USA) animation
The End of Blessings (10m, USA) narrative
Disco Zal (14m, USA) comedy
Tunnel Vision (16m, USA) drama
Oh, Crappy Day (18m, USA) drama
Sushi (3m, USA) animation
Put Down (10m, UK) comedy
Gumball (6m, USA) narrative
Ferdinand Knapp (15m, France) narrative
(IM)Moral (10m, USA) comedy
Ginger and Snapper (5m, USA) animaiton
Frontman (18m, USA) drama

Baker Street Tattoo presents the Friday Horror Fest 10:30 PM :

How Olin Lost His Eye (6m, Ireland)
The Eve (19m, Italy)
Awakenings (13m, India)
The Hitch-Hiker (29m, Canada)

Saturday April 2nd, 2016, 3 PM:

Painkillers  (9m, Media) Media Youth Film Initiative
Night Mare (3m, USA) animation
Art Speak (16m, USA, Italy) documentary
Sonnet 134 (3m, USA) drama
I’ve Just Had a Dream (7m, Spain) narrative
Got This (16m, USA) comedy
Breakfast (2m, USA) narrative
Hopscotch (11m, USA) drama
Moths (22m, USA) drama
20 meters of love in Montmartre (5m, France) narrative

Saturday April 2nd, 2016, 7 PM :

A Sublime Screenplay (10m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Tommy (10m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
The Song of Wandering Aengus (4m, UK) animation
Lucky Penny (7m, USA) narrative
Oh Lucy! (22m, Japan) narrative
Fish (4m, Iran) comedy
One is No One (30m, USA, Costa Rica) documentary
Peanut Butter Lips (3m, UK) comedy
Telegram Man (14m, Australia) drama
Baits and Hooks (10m, Serbia) narrative
Monkeys (15m, USA) drama
Donald’s Mom (12m, USA) comedy
Sara and Dennis (12m, USA) drama
The Dolphin Skin City (21m, France) drama

2016 Media Film Festival Trailer

2016 Films in Detail

20 meters of love in Montmartre
narrative (4:40, France)

20 meters of love in Montmartre directed by Pierre GAFFIÉ-SD.mp4.Still001.jpg

Four lonely women in Paris find a secret connection between them, through their hearts and through their arts…

director/writer: Pierre Gaffié
producer: Marilia Deloison
cast: Marie Neplaz, Katherina Marx, Valerie Even, 
Myriam David

Animation Hotline
animation  (7:05, USA)

Aminamtion Hotline

An intriguing series of animated real-life stories based on actual crowd-sourced answering machine messages that have been continuously collected since 2011.

director: Dustin Grella
stories By: Anonymous, Thatcher Keats, Sarah Rusnak
animators: Dustin Grella, Jamie Nowik, Chu Chi Lin

documentary (16:00, USA, Italy)


The film follows the director as he seeks to counter the use of “artspeak” by curators, writers, and other art insiders with the way everyday people think, and feel, about art.

director/co-writer: Bill Claps
producer: Mauro Botticelli
DP: Francesca Pagani
cast: Bill Claps

horror (13:19, India)


The line between dreams and reality is blurred when a young woman in charge of two children is haunted by mysterious entities.

director/writer/producer: Bhargav Saikia
cinematographer: A. Vasanth
cast: Palomi Ghosh, Saurabh Goyal, Mrudula Sathe, Jairaj Dalwani, Prisha Dabas

Baits and Hooks
narrative (10:00, Serbia)

Baits and Hooks.Still001

The transition from socialism to capitalism for two long-time factory workers is a bumpy one. Or is it?

director/producer: Luka Popadic
writers: Tamra Barackov, Luka Popadic
DP: Nikola Mrdalj
editor: Natasa Pantic

comedy (1:52, USA)


A young man greets the day, enjoys nature, and decides on some breakfast served with a twist.

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
horror (13:10, USA)

Chateau Sauvignon- terroir.Still001

A gruesome coming of age story about a vintner son’s disobedience and desire to care for his ailing mother.

director/writer: David E. Munz-Maire
producers: Rob Eletto, Jayesh Hariharan, Carlos Valdivia, David E. Munz-Maire
cast: Michael Lorz, Sean Weil, Anthony del Negro, Nancy Nagrant, Pooya Mohensi

Disco Zal
comedy (14:00, USA)

Disco Zal.Still002

Zal is a legend in his hometown for the Disco Dance he held years ago. State television interviews Zal, and his family, on the eve of the triumphant return of Disco Dance to the village.

director: Sean McKnight
writers/producers: Sean McKnight, Gary Gustin
cast: Gary Gustin, Janice LaFlam, Marian D’Angelo, Edmiston, Sarah Dewey, Evangeline Young, Frank Williams, Lisa Panzer, Tina Khaladze

The Dolphin Skin City
drama (21:00, France)

Dolphin Skin City.Still003

Eric is an idealistic architect who attends a conference to present his ideas on the future of how cities might be built. He happens to meet a young florist named Claire and theirs is a story about the love of architecture as well as the architecture of love.

director/writer: Pierre Gaffié
writer: Marilia Deloison
cast: Regis Lux, Magaly Godenaire

Donald’s Mom
comedy (8:32, USA)


Donald gets picked on by just about everybody at school. That is until he meets his new mommy, Maureen.

director/writer: Elyse Ostrow
producers: Elyse Ostrow, Andrew Paszkiewicz
cast: Seanan Ellis, Lauren Langley, Felicia Wilkins, Tyler Warrington

Dream Big
drama (12m, Media Youth Film Initiative)

Danny is a very talented musician, if only someone would listen.

director/writer: Talia Steinmetz
co-writer:  Christian Dath
executive producer: Hezekiah Lewis:
cinematographer: Harrison Kracht
assistant camera: Tori Judge
grip: Dominic Patterson
cast: William Prakash, Christian Dath, Antonella DeCicci, Ciara Kain, Giacomo Fizzano, Maria Courter, Michael Courter

The End of Blessings
narrative (10:00, USA)


A cyclist repeatedly rides past an elderly couple’s home while completing his daily workout. The ride and the silent, mutual acknowledgments between the rider and the couple seem rhythmic and routine, until something changes.

director: John Rice
writer: Jim Daniels
producers: John Rice, Jim Daniels, Jonathan Joseph
cast: Stephen Olney, Larry Meyers, Mary Ballerini

The Eve
horror (19:24, Italy)


As a boy who has everything, Simon should be happy, especially on Christmas Eve. Instead, Simon senses something is wrong and only wants for Santa to take him away. As the clock ticks toward Christmas day, Simon’s idyllic family life is about to change.

director/writer/producer: Luca Machnich
cast: Valerio Santosuosso, Ulf Kusdas, Mary Wall, Maurizio Rapotec, Sandro Di Stefano

Ferdinand Knapp
narrative (15:00, France)


Ferdinand Knapp is the pre-eminent actor of French theatre, revered by all. In preparing for a new play, the lines between his character’s malevolent personality and his own begin to blur.

director: Andrea Baldini
producers: Duncan Way, Louis Le Bayon
writers: Andrea Baldini, Thomas Compere-Morel
DP: Philippe Piffeteau
cast: Dominique Pinon, Dominique Uber, Philippe du Janerand

comedy (3:50, Iran)


An elderly couple shares their apartment with their pet fish. When it’s time to change freshen its bowl, the tap has run dry and our scaly friend literally ends up a fish out of water. Where will he land?

writer/director/producer: Saman Hosseinpuor
DP: Zanyar Lotfi
sound recorder: Zanyar Tahmasebi
cast: Asie Moradi Zar, Mahmood Mirzaee

drama (18:12, USA)

Front Man.Still001

When an emotionally self-destructive rock star faces a health crisis, his personal and professional lives begin to unravel.

director: Matthew Gentile
writers: Matthew Gentile, Corey Wilcosky
producers: Brenden Hubbard, Kristoffer Polaha
cast: Kristoffer Polaha, McKaley Miller, Emily Tremaine, Robin Thomas Grossman

A Full Stop that Searches for its End
drama(10:02, India)

Full Stop that Searches for Its End.Still002

Upon learning of the death of a long lost friend, Seshadri searches his memories and his heart in an effort to understand what his life has been and what it never was.

director: Vivek Vishwanathan
writer: Vinayak Guhanarayan
cast: Maheswaran M, Shyam Sunder, Latha Venkatraman, Nithya Ramachandran, Sivasaran RK, Vikram Dev, Vinayak Guhanarayan, Zulfikar, Annupamaa Krishnaswami

Ginger and Snapper
animation (5:00, USA)

Ginger and Snapper.Still001

The dead have risen; society has collapsed, and guess who Ginger has for a new playmate?

director/Writer: D.C. Douglas
exec. Producer/Animator: Rachael Leone
cast: Lacey Chabert, D.C. Douglas, Liam O’Brien, Laura Bailey, Roger Craig Smith, Steve Blum

Got This
comedy (16:00, USA)

Got This.Still001

Things are not going well as Hope and Jack try to get out of town and Bugsy the cat has gone missing at the worst possible time. As the Cat Patrol springs to action, the day may yet be saved (along with Hope and Jack!)

director: Susan Barry
producers/writers: Susan Barry, Ethan Cadoff
DP: John M. White
cast: Bernard the Cat, Emily Pantalone, John Racioppo, Reagan Frankhouser, Richard Kent Green

narrative (6:00, USA)


A teenager breaks into a diner with a can of spray paint intending to do some damage. She instead finds something that gives her pause.

co-directors: Kris Theorin, Kurtis Theorin
writer: Niklas Theorin
producer: Amy Theorin
cast: Olivia Dalessandro

The Hitch-Hiker
horror (29:14, Canada)


Bad things can happen when you catch a lift with a stranger.

director/Writer: JP Marchant
producers: Tiara Adams, JP Marchant
DP: Tiara Adams
cast: Kelten Jensen, Adan Munro, Gin Fedotov, Garrett Bishoff, Claire Ainscough

drama (10:30, USA)


Matt and Emma have known each other since childhood and their relationship has finally hit the breaking point. As Matt contemplates walking away, the events of his crumbling relationship with Emma begin to intertwine with the game they played as children.

director/writer/producer: Chung Wei Huang
cast: Brian Evarts, Linh Chia

How Olin Lost His Eye
horror (6:00, Ireland)


Sometimes it’s better not to look.

director/writer/producer: Damian Mc Carthy
cast: Taghd O’Leary Ashford, Frank Hurley

comedy (9:30, USA)


Lars is a struggling actor who needs to prove to his high-powered, lawyer girlfriend that he can pull his own weight. A big audition comes his way for actors with disabilities. What at first poses a moral dilemma turns into a funny tale of integrity and success.

director: Rachel Breitag
writers/producers: Rachel Breitag, Mads Black
cast: Mads Black, Rachel Breitag, Nirav Bhakta, Alex Kyle, Erika Godwin, Logan Martin, Daniel Cordileone, Diana Aeris

I’ve just had a dream
narrative (7:25, Spain)


A poignant story that proves the adage that one’s nightmare can truly be another’s dream.

director: Javi Navarro
writers: Pedro Herrero, Javi Navarro
cast: Andrea Mas, Estela Del Carmen

Lucky Penny
narrative (6:44, USA)

Lucky Penny.Still001

Making a connection and finding a friend is sometimes like sifting through the penny jar-that special one is out there, you just have to look.

writer/director: Becca Roth
producers: Dana Kaplan-Angle, Becca Roth, Melina Marini, Molly Cahen
cast: Becca Roth, Hallie Haas

drama (14:52, USA)


Years after their toxic relationship has ended, Lila’s and Gimmie’s lives are still mysteriously connected. But Lila has spiraled out of control. Will Gimmie be able to save her?

director: Christopher Soren Kelly
writer: Clark D. Schaefer
producers: Jessica Graham, Christopher Soren Kelly, Clark D. Schaefer, Bruce Logan
DP: Adrian Pruett
cast: Jessica Graham, Christopher Soren Kelly

drama (22:25, USA)


While awaiting her father’s return from the WW2 front lines, a 9-year-old girl helps
the disfigured town outcast secretly nurture a rare breed of moths.

director: Andy Fortenbacher
story: Zac Page, Andy Fortenbacher
screenplay: Zac Page
producer: Madeline Shapiro
cast: Blaine Mallory, Bryan Burton, Blake Robbins

Night Mare
animation  (3:00, USA)

Night Mare.Still001

An animated short film that follows a horse on a doomed journey.

created by Julie Long

Oh Crappy Day
comedy (17:42, USA)


On a date with a charming young woman, a film student tries his best to keep his OCD on the down low.

director/writer: Jon Lance Bacon
producer: Steven P. Neilson
cast: Jordan Estes,  Jess Barbour

Oh Lucy
narrative (17:00, Japan)


Setsuko, a 55 yr old “office lady” is given a blonde wig and a new identity by her unorthodox English instructor. When the instructor suddenly takes off, Setsuko must come to terms with what, and who, remains behind.

director/writer: Atsuko Hirayanagi
producers: Ken Natsuhara, Masumi Soga, Perry Loong, Michael Chua, Razmig Hovaghimian
cast: Billy Scott, Kaori Momoi, Miyoko Yamaguchi, Rian Shimada, Keiichi Tsuda, Koji Kitazono

One is No One
documentary (29:51, USA)


Set in Costa Rica, One is No One tells the story of 57 year old Mama who struggles to provide for her multi-generational household. The film follows Mama as she works to overcome poverty and the growing mistrust between her community and those in power.

directors: Paola Gadala-Maria, Marissa Losoya
writers: Paola Gadala-Maria, Marissa Losoya, Austin Haitos, Evan Mcintyre
producers: Diandra Navarro, Kathleen Einspanier, Andrew Caracciolo
cinematographers/editors: Austin Haitos, Evan Mcintyre

Pain Killers
drama (8m, Media Youth Film Initiative)

Danny has to make a life-altering decision that could change the life of his friend Atom for ever.

Executive Producer: Hezekiah Lewis
Producers: Anthony Taurisano, DJ Gleason, Deja Holder, Matthew Manzi, Andrew Proctor
Director: Anthony Taurisano
Assistant Director: DJ Gleason
Writers: Anthony Taurisano, DJ Gleason
Cinematographers: Matthew Manzi, Andrew Proctor
Editors: Andrew Proctor, Matthew Manzi
Cast: DJ Gleason, Mark Gornto, Deja Halder, Anthony Taurisano, Patrick Williams, Eric Blenk

Peanut Butter Lips
comedy (2:20, UK)

Peanut Butter Lips.Still002

One boy. One Girl. Loads of sandwiches!

director/writer: Jamie Cooper
cast: Arne Cunningham, Mia Baker

comedy (10:00, UK)

Put Down-1

John is socially awkward and deep in debt. Things start to turn around when a lucky accident thrusts him into a new line of work helping clients tend to their pets.

director/writer: Rick Limentani
producer: Rebeca Cobos
cast: Wilf Scolding, Rebeca Cobos, Chris Bearne, Ellie Dickens

Sara and Dennis
drama (12:00, USA)

Sara And Dennis-1

A couple is confronted with their differences through a seemingly harmless game of “would you rather…”

director/Writer: Shahin Izadi
producers: Rodney Evans, Lois Drabkin, Jacob Feiring, Jaime Sweet
cast: Aaron Moten, Kellyn Lindsay

The Song of Wandering Aengus
animation (4:00, UK)

Song of Wandering Aengus.Still001

Haunting stop-motion animation based on W.B. Yeats poem of the same title.

director: Matthew Lawes
exec. producers: Marlena Hellebo, Marta Sala Font
cast: Liam Cunningham

Sonnet 134
drama (3:00, USA)


Shakespeare’s 134th sonnet is brought to life as a young, conflicted mother prepares to repay a debt.

director/writer: Edward Shieh
producers: Christiane Seidel, Ross Williams
DP: Dave Giles
cast: Christiane Seidel, Anna Gutto, Sebastian Beacon

A Sublime Screenplay
comedy (10:00, Media  Youth Film Initiative)

Sam is the best director in the world, as far as he is concerned. Now if he can only keep his crew together to finish his film.

director/editor: James Zeigler
writer: Julia Smith
executive producer: Hezekiah Lewis:
producers: James Zeigler, Julia Smith, Christian Dath, George Hollyer, Anna-Oliva Machado, Dakota Alexander, Sadeeq Carpenter
cinematographer: George Hollyer
assistant director: Christian Dath
grips: Anna-Oliva Machado, Dakota Alexander
boom operator: Sadeeq Carpenter
cast : DJ Gleason, Flounders, Melissa Ronaldson, AJ Belville, Christian Dath, Dakota Alexander, Darryl Ridgeway

animation (2:42, USA)


Offbeat and irreverent, Sushi serves up several popular types of the delicacy-much to the horror of the Sushi themselves!

director: Jacob Greenawalt
cast: Lauren Rooney, Marc “DJ Marquis” Snyder

Telegram Man
drama (14:09, Australia)

Telegram Man.Still003

During World War II, Bill is alone and somewhat isolated from the rest of his small Australian farm town. The reason he is shunned becomes clear as the film unfolds.

director/producer: James Francis Khehtie
cast: Gary Sweet, Jack Thompson, Sigrid Thornton

drama (10:00, Media Youth Film Initiative)

Tommy is an average teenager who just wants to enjoy life but school, family, and friends all seem against him. Who will be the one person Tommy can turn to in his time need?

director/writer: Talia Steinmetz
executive producer: Hezekiah Lewis
producers: Talia Steinmetz, Harrison Kracht, Matt Kenny, Riley George, Yvonne Yokoyama
Cinematographers: Harrison Kracht, Yvonne Yokoyama
boom operator: Matt Kenny
cast: Giacomo Fizzano, Riley George, Isabella Evangelista, John Bucci, Julie Stackhouse, Marshal Bushman, Nicholas Evangelista

Tunnel Vision
drama  (15:45, USA)


Brandon is losing his sight and convinces his ex, Sarah, to drive him around for one last look at the places where they spent time together so he can see them, and her, one last time. They both struggle with the concepts of vision, blindness, and confronting the past.

director/writer: Joseph A. Kraemer
producers: Ginger Jolly, Joseph A. Kraemer
cast: Kate Chamuris, David Blatt, Thomas Daniel Dwyer

Welcome Home
narrative (6:00, Media)

Is someone watching? Are you being followed?

director:  James Ziegler
co-director: Catherine Nelson
writer: Julia Smith
executive producer: Hezekiah Lewis
producers: James Ziegler, Catherine Nelson, Dakota Alexander, Damon Patterson,  George Hollyer, Julia Smith, Sadeeq Carpenter
DP: George Hollyer
sound mixer: Sadeeq Carpenter
editor: Catherine Nelson
digital effects: Harrison Kracht
cast: Catherine Nelson, Dakota Alexander, Damon Patterson, Julia Smith, Sadeeq Carpenter