2015 Media Film Festival

The 2015 Media Film Festival is planned for May 29th and 30th with a line-up of 41 great films! This year’s Fest will be held in the historic Media Theatre building, 104 E. State Street, Media PA.

2015 Media Film Festival Awards

Award winners for the 2015 Media Film Festival were announced Saturday night, May 30th at the close of the festival. Films are judged by a jury for each genre.

2015 Media Film Festival Schedule

7 PM  Friday May 29th, 2015

Hidden Flowers (7m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Cookie (11m, Media) the Media Youth Film Initiative
Brothers Brimm  (5m, USA) animation
Escape from Garden Grove (15m, USA) narrative
Duality  (13m, USA) drama
No Two Alike  (1m, USA) experimental
Not Anymore  (15m, USA) documentary
Through the Trees  (15m, USA) drama
Last Resort  (8m, UK) animation
Visions of an Imperfect Mind  (2m, Canada) drama
Relativity Explained to Children  (11m, France) comedy
Into the Gray  (17m, USA) drama
Motel Providence  (9m, USA) comedy
Brian’s Dots  (27m, USA) documentary

Friday-Night Horror Fest 10:30 PM :

Crow Hand  (3m, U S A.) horror
The Confessional (5m, Philippines) horror
Unknown (11m, U S A) horror
Nightmare (13m, U S A) horror
Philly Blood Week (8m, U S A) horror
Grimace  (2m, U S A) horror/comedy
TICE (30m, U S A) horror

Saturday May 30th, 2015, 3 PM:

Make it Fair  (4m, USA) music video
From the South to the Stars  (15m, USA) comedy
The Perfect Drug  (4m, Russian Federatrion) experimental
Fear to Sail  (10m, USA) drama
Ardoyne  (5m, USA) music video
A Very Busy Man  (13m, USA) comedy
Bread Elegant  (9m, USA) documentary
America in Black and White  (24m, USA) documentary

Saturday May 30th, 2015, 7 PM :

Pain Killers (8m, USA) the Media Youth Film Initiative
My Kingdom (4m, USA) animation.
Zugzwang (9m USA) comedy
Signs of Life (10m, USA) documentary
Last (11m, USA) drama
Sivullinen (Bystander) (8m, Finland) documentary
Tumble Dry Low (7m, USA)
Another Time (25m USA) comedy
The Illusion (2m, Iran) animation
Absolution (10m, Australia) drama
Meet Mario (10m, USA)
Arcadia (5m, Canada) experimental
Field Work   (12m, USA) comedy
Dear Guardians (8m, USA) Documentary
Butterfly Dreams (21m, India, USA) narrative

2015 Media Film Festival Trailer

2015 Films in Detail


drama (10m, Australia)

On his first visit to the local Laundromat, a man has a fateful chance encounter with his wife, five years after she walked out. A powerful two hander about guilt, regrets and maybe even a chance at forgiveness.

director/writer/editor: Dean Butler
producers: Dean Butler, Hannah Moran, Shane Piggott
cinematographer: Shane Piggott
music/sound: Daniel Purcell
cast: Dalip Sondhi, Gemma Cavoli

America in Black and White and Many Colors
(24m, U S A)

The story of America’s struggle with diversity throughout its history — based on the dolls in the collection of the Media Fellowship House.

directors: George Rothacker, David Sibley
writer/producer: George Rothacker
cast: Gail Whitaker, Jane Valdes-Dapena, Ian Alexander, Andy Johnson, and Members of the Hedgrow Theater

Another Time
(25m, U S A)

A twenty-something woman who may or may not be a lost time traveler deals with commitment issues and indecision in present day Philadelphia.

director/screenwriter: Amy Frear
director of Photography: Shawn Annable
sound design: Sean Hamilton
cast: Amy Frear, Davy Raphaely, Michael Wyant, Natasha Piletich, Elena Bossler, John Lopes, Rob Carroll 

experimental (5m, Canada)

Arcadia uncovers some unpleasant truths about idealized pastoral landscapes.

director: Rick Fisher
producers: Rick Fisher, Don Rice
cast: Andrew John Milne

music video/documentary (5m, U S A)

Director Philip Clayton-Thompson wants to reinvent how documentaries are watched, by combining the documentary and music video forms. He takes footage from his award-winning 1972 documentary on ‘The Troubles’ in Ardoyne, Belfast, Ireland, and sets it to music and lyrics.

director/lyricist: Philip Clayton-Thompson
editors: Marshal Serna, Donna Pizzi
composer: Daniel Buhr
animation: Marshal Serna

Bread Elegant
documentary (9m, U S A)

This short black and white film is based on recent social science research by its co-writer, Dr. Matt Bereza, which suggests growers and food service managers struggle with local food models. During the film, the subject builds a small oven in the rural Ohio landscape from found materials, produces bread, and distributes it free from the oversight of established procedures. Bereza describes his personal history with baking and his research on the disconnect between the ability to produce and buy local foods.

director/cinematographer/editor: Holly Hey
producers/writers: Lee Fearnside, Matt Bereza
cast: Matt Bereza

Brian’s Dots
documentary (27m, U S A)

Brian was paralyzed in a serious accident when he was 16, and was told he would never walk again. But with determination and spirit he had a miraculous recovery, and traveled to Hawaii in search of something more.

director/producer: JiHoon Im
cast: Brian Delozier

The Brothers Brimm
animation (5m, U S A)

The Brothers Brimm is equal parts homage to pop culture, vintage cartoon romp and underground comic. Mixed all together and delivered through the vocal stylings of Mr. John DiMaggio of Adventure Time and Futurama fame.

directors: Matt Killian, Tom Bremer
art director: Christian Patchell
producers: William Vaughan, Anne Scheetz, Jeff Scheetz
writers: Christian Patchell, Matt Killian
cast: John DiMaggio, Jodie Killian

Butterfly Dreams
drama (21m, U S A)

A young child laborer in India sees a way to pursue her dream to learn to read and write when an educated man comes to her village.

director/writer: Venkat Krishnan
cinematographer: Sunny Joseph
music: Prasanna Sivaraman
cast: Basheera Banu, Ganapathy Murugesan, P.T. Arasu Kalathilvenrar

Sivullinen (Bystander)
documentary (8m, Finland)

Topi Kovanen is a retiree living on the island of Uto in the Finnish archipelago. The landscape is dominated by the sea, rocks and a lighthouse rising in the middle of the island. Because Uto is a bilingual island, Topi learned to speak Swedish in addition to his native Finnish. Topi later lost his Swedish skills as a result of a stroke. Through Topi’s story, the film deals with the relationships between man and nature and between language and surroundings. What is left when language disappears?

director/writer/cinematographer: Pinja Valja
cast: Topi Kovanen

The Confessional
horror (5m, Philippines)

A young newly-ordained priest inside a confessional box is visited by a man possessed by the devil himself and holds the priest hostage as he narrates his descent into madness.

director/writer: Miles Nera
producer: Sheena Branzuela
cast: Jason Holbrook, Anthony Uy

Media Youth Film Initiative (11m, USA)

All Xena wants is the attention of her father. Maybe baking cookies could help him father remember the way things were before her mother died.

Executive Producer: Hezekiah Lewis
Producers: George Hollyer, Andrew Proctor, Hafiz Tunis, Yvonne Yokoyama
Director: Andrew Proctor
Assistant Director: Hafiz Tunis
Writer: Andrew Proctor
Cinematographer: Andrew Proctor, George Hollyer
Editor: Andrew Proctor
Sound: Yvonne Yokoyama
Production Assistant: Danielle Ridgeway, DJ Gleason
Cast: Rebekah Weagraff, John Mullaney, Christen Mandracchia, Maegan Freese, Krista Ruddick, Hafiz Tunis, Joesph Niagara

Crow Hand
horror (3m, U S A.)

A Husband gets more than he bargains for when he picks up a mysterious crow totem off the ground, much to his Wife’s chagrin.

director/writer/editor: Brian Lonano
producer: Brian Lonano, Victoria Cook and Blake Myers
cinematogrpahy: Josh Skierski
Mark Arson
 Caitlin McPhail,  Jason Vail

Dear Guardians
documentary (8m, Canada)

Since 2002, the Guardians have held an integral role at the Temple of the Burning Man festival. They have remained largely invisible, holding space from the shadows. Until now. From award winning director Ian MacKenzie comes this meditation on the nature of Guardians.

director/producer/writer: Ian MacKenzie

thriller (13m, U S A)

A young woman wakes up and, checking her phone,  finds a photo of herself sleeping. She lives alone.

director/writer/cinematographer: Daniel Ruczko
producers: Jonathan Cook, Daniel Ruczko, Kenny Miller
editing: Daniel Ruczko, Florian Kelm
cast: Jodi Lynn Thomas, Kristen Rakes, Wendy Scott,Madison Fogle

Escape from Garden Grove
comedy (15m, U S A)

Life isn’t all rosy for 16-year-old Sophie. Her dad moved out, her mom’s never home, and nobody tells her anything. So when she makes a disturbing discovery, she turns to the one person who knows how to make things better: Grandma. The plan’s simple: break out of the nursing home and escape to Belgium. If only the bus would come. If only Grandma knew where Belgium was.

director/writer: Mathilde Dratwa
producer: Elisabeth Durkin
cinematographer: Bresser de Oliveira
cast: Martine Moore, Victoria Blankenship

Fear to Sail
drama (10m, U S A)

Marty Lewis, an aspiring musician, fears taking the next step while dealing with his relationship and family issues.

director/writer: Darius Ichi
producers: Charles Jean-Pierre, Darius Ichi
cinematographer/editor: Kerry King
cast: Darius Ichi, Julian Parker, Tarrence Taylor

Field Work
comedy (12m, U S A)

Two middle-aged coworkers are forced into a wilderness trek by their new boss.

directors/producers: Jeanne Benzel, Kevin Corcoran
writers: Kevin Corcoran, James Haigney, Jeanne Benzel
cinematographer/editor: Kevin Corcoran
music: James Haigney, Max Caggiula, Aimee Moran
cast: Sam Cagguila, James Haigney, Richard Bergh, Nathalie Manevich

From the South to the Stars
drama (15m, U S A)

When Martha Bannister, a proud and entitled Southerner, comes to Hollywood to become a movie star, she goes through the unexpected difficulties every emerging actor has to face. As a result of her disappointing adventures, she decides to return home to Atlanta, as she gets the unexpected news on the way to the airport.

director/editor: Kostantinos Mousoulis
screenwriter: Janet Roth
cinematographer: Joel Layogan
cast: Janet Roth, Greg Travis, Jeff Eberly, Jenny Hollis, Mark Majarian, Megan Nager, Mike Zent, Sandra Videnska, Suzanne Marie Berman

horror/comedy (2m, U S A)

It’s about life and death and the wars we wage within ourselves. It’s about growth under pressure. It’s about… a growth. One man’s plight against a pesky pimple… a mysterious flesh bubble in full bloom. It’s a sophisticated story chronicling his efforts to destroy the barnacle of unknown being in a battle for the ages (typically ages 12 to 20 but generally dependent upon hormone imbalances).

And it all boils down to one question: what would you do to save face?

director/producer/writer: Levi Caleb Smith
cinematographer: Danny Valentine
editor: Thom Newell
music: Rob Himebaugh
cast: Justin Lazernick

 Hidden Flowers
The Media Youth Film Initiative (7m, USA)

A journey of a young artist who finds her voice through art.

Executive Producer : Hezekiah Lewis
Producers: James Ziegler, Julia Smith, Nicholas Evangelista, Sam Stern, Andrew Loignon
Director: James Ziegler
Assistant Director: Julia Smith
Writers: Julia Smith, James Ziegler
Cinematographer: Nicholas Evangelista
Editors: Nicholas Evangelista, James Ziegler
Sound: Sam Stern, Andrew Loignon
Grip: Andrew Loignon
Production Assistant: Danielle Ridgeway
Cast: Jenna Dibona, Ally Duvak, Paola Gadaia Maria, Paola Gadaia Maria, Jennifer Ziegler, Julia Smith, James Ziegler

The Illusion
animation (2m, Iran)

An animated story about illusion and vanity.

director/producter/writer: Mohammad Reza Hanafi
animation: Behrooz Roostaie
cast: Reza Aftabi

Into the Gray
science fiction/drama (17m, U S A)

After haunting visions of forgotten memories and a quandary of self, Stiller must determine if an apocalyptic world is worth saving again.

director/writer: Anthony Berenato Jr.
producers: Anthony Berenato Jr., Clarence Ma
cast: Andreas Beckett, Jay C. Brothers, Lisa Roumain, Austin Chase

drama (11m, U S A)

Last explores the flawed relationship between two estranged brothers, Jim and Dave. Fearing that his way of life has finally caught up with him, Jim tries to make things right with his brother before it’s too late.

director/producer/writer/cinematographer: Noah Petrie
cast: Michael Fisher, Jordan Gullikson, Emily Wood

Last Resort
animation (8m, United Kingdom)

At their isolated hotel in the Canadian Rockies, a pair of teenage twin girls need to get over themselves and work together in order to defeat the most horrifying threat they have ever faced: their four-year-old sister.

animation: Stephanie Blakey
producer: Helen Gladders
writer: Gillian Park
cinmatographer: Sebastian Cort
editor: Rory Gordon
music: Arran Price
cast: John Standing, Katherine Ryan, Stephanie Blakey, Violet Ryan

Make It Fair
music video (4m, U S A)

Touching viewers through music and images, this music video shows the realities of life for children working on cocoa plantations — as well as the positive impacts of fair trade.

director: Laura Kiehner
writers: Laura Kiehner, Tricia Kiehner
editor: Kiah Graham
producer: Fair Trade Committee of Media, PA
cast: Tricia Kiehner, Isaiah Kim, Amir Newton

Meet Mario
drama (10m, U S A)

Meet Mario… a 27 year old PhD student in Italian Literature. Mario was born in Italy and, with his father, moved to the United States at the age of 14 after the death of his mother. Let’s just say that Mario’s not your “average” Italian (or is he?). Come join us on a wild ride where culture, spirituality and hypocrisy collide!

director: D.J. Higgins
writers: D.J. Higgins, Julie Robinson
producer: Jean Chery
cast: Cario George, Lou Martini, Joe Sernio, Amadeo Fusca, Christopher McCallister, Meredith Antonian

Motel Providence
comedy (9m, U S A)

A cheating counselor working out of a sleazy motel room tests the boundaries of his own advice after a client’s startling revelation.

director/producer: Derek Frey
writers: David Amadio, Gil Damon, Steve Kuzmick
cast: Steve Kuzmick, David Amadio, Gil Damon

My Kingdom
animation (4m, U S A)

A not so meditative meditation on the nature of personal space…

director/producer/writer: Debra Solomon
painting: Jieting Chen, David Sheahan
music/sound: Alan Zahn, Nick Cipriano
compositing: Jietnig Chen, Maryam Hajouni
cast: Jane Curtin

horror (13m, U S A)

While on a hike, Steven discovers a relic from another time. Intrigued by its mysterious nature, he takes it with him — unknowingly unleashing the evil forces trapped within. With every passing night, the dead makes its way to Steven,  paralyzing him… consuming him.

director/writer: Mauricio Perez
producers: Jevon Hicks, Mauricio Perez
cinematographer: Dustin Parker
music: Eros Cartechini
cast: Andrew Ian, John Mahon, Kalif Price, Karina Perez

No Two Alike
experimental (1m, U S A)

An inside look at what happens during a snowstorm.

director/producer/writer: Ronnie Cramer

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution
documentary (15m, U S A)

The story of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist, as they fight an oppressive regime for the freedom of their people.

director/writer/cinematographer: Matthew Vandyke
producers: Matthew Vandyke, Nour Kelze
cast: Omar Hattab, Nour Kelze

Pain Killers
The Media Youth Film Initiative (8m, USA)

Danny has to make a life-altering decision that could change the life of his friend Atom for ever.

Executive Producer: Hezekiah Lewis
Producers: Anthony Taurisano, DJ Gleason, Deja Holder, Matthew Manzi, Andrew Proctor
Director: Anthony Taurisano
Assistant Director: DJ Gleason
Writers: Anthony Taurisano, DJ Gleason
Cinematographers: Matthew Manzi, Andrew Proctor
Editors: Andrew Proctor, Matthew Manzi
Cast: DJ Gleason, Mark Gornto, Deja Halder, Anthony Taurisano, Patrick Williams, Eric Blenk

The Perfect Drug
experimental (4m, Russian Federation)

A young man lives his life online. The Internet becomes his only friend, his only passion. When one day all possible Internet connections are lost, he starts to feel real pain. He’s addicted, and there’s only one way to get freedom — start to live real life.

director/writer/editor: Artem Makarevich
writers: Artem Makarevich, Boris Gorlov
cinematographer: Dmitry Demyanov
cast: Artem Makarevich

Philly Blood Week
horror (8m, U S A)

Chuck has great taste in beer and poor taste in women, and is on a quest to find the best beer in Philly, and hopefully a great woman too. He gets more than he bargained for when he meets Charli, a vivacious redhead who takes him to a dive that offers the ‘best beer in Philly.’ Will he survive the night?

director/producer/writer: Zac Jones
cinematographer: Ben Neate
music: Marty Krzywonos
cast: Stephen Medvidick, Sarah Taylor Cummings, Hollie Schwarz, Sarah Alexander, Scott Lehman

Relativity Explained to Children
drama (11m, France)

Because he forgot a teacher’s assignment, a father makes a radical decision to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity to Nicolas, his 8 years old son.

director/writer: Pierre Gaffié
producer: Marilia Deloison
cast: Dominique Parent, Sylvie Audcoeur

Signs of Life
documentary (10m, U S A)

Sign spinning is a way of life for Justin Brown and thousands of others across the globe. Sign spinning is a combination of interactive advertising and lively street performances. For many sign spinners, spinning is more than just a hobby or fad.

director/shooter/editor: Danny Corey
cast: Justin Brown

Through the Trees
drama (15m, U S A)

Grief-stricken and lost after the death of his wife, Tom has decided to commit suicide. His last hope is a no-nonsense counselor with some unorthodox advice. His challenge to Tom: Give yourself one day to think of a way to make a positive impact on someone else. While contemplating his decision, Tom meets a young homeless man who may be the key to his challenge. Will Tom find his way, or remain lost forever?

producers: Aimee Donovan, Ryan Donovan
director: Adedapo Akisanya
writer: Ryan Donovan
cinematographer: Vincent Singleton
cast: Sean Walton,Dan Stearns ,Will Lidke

horror (30m, U S A)

Cunning serial killer Albert Tice has escaped en route to a maximum security prison, turning the typically peaceful Topanga Canyon into grounds for terror. Notorious “chameleon” Tice has set up shop in the home of a Topanga resident, where a pregnant young woman, Jessica, is headed in order to retrieve something she desperately needs. Who will survive the night?

director: Kathryn Mallinson
writer: Daniel J. Rita
producers: John Rita, Mike Flores, Matthew Eisenberg
cast: Sandra Luesse, Dustin Loomis

Tumble Dry Low
drama (7m, U S A)

A little girl and her father deal with loss in East Texas.

director: Jefferson Stein
producers: Kelly Stein, Myles Siegel, Jefferson Stein
writers: Jefferson Stein, Kelly Stein
cinematographer: Kenneth Richard
editor: Jill Patricia
music: Jefferson Stein
cast: Chase Arrington, Georgia Rose Bell

horror (11m, U S A)

Halloween night with an unknown random caller.

director/cinematographer/editor: DeWaun Ragland
writers/producers: DeWaun Ragland, Tiara Parker
cast: Tiara Parker, Adriane Hoffman, Henry Elizalde

A Very Busy Man
dark comedy (13m, U S A)

When her employer disappears, fussy paralegal Sherry Pendleton must contend with his ex-wife, the police, and clients desperate for legal help.

director: John Fecile
screenwriter: J. Joseph Cox
cast: Tracy Garrison, Lilliana Winkworth, Laurie Lister, Tom McGregor

Visions of an Imperfect Mind
experimental (2m, Canada)

‘Midway upon the journey of our life,  I found myself within a forest dark,  for the straightforward pathway had been lost.’

A man sits at a desk, writing on a piece of paper. Are we seeing his past, the influence of something darker, or the uncanny intrusions of a vivid imagination?

director/producer/writer: Jean-Pierre Marchant
cinematographer: Tiara Adams
cast: Jean-Pierre Marchant, Craig Sephton

comedy (9m, U S A)

Zugzwang in German means “obligation to move.” Life and chess are not so different. There is a moment in life where you know you have to make a decision, but the best thing to do would be not to make any move. But… you must. We simply call this being screwed. In chess, they call it Zugzwang.

director/writer: Yolanda Centeno
cinematographer: John Rosario
cast: Roger Rignack, Di Koob, Chad Sano

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